Formula Mass Weight Gainer


Formula Mass Weight Gainer is a healthy weight gainer supplement for dogs that helps increase weight and mass on skinny underweight dogs. Fast acting, guaranteed weight gain results within weeks. Great for dogs having trouble keeping on weight, picky eaters, small underdeveloped litters or dogs that have recently had surgery. If you are looking for a safe, fast-acting, nutrient filled weight gaining supplement for dogs of all breeds this product is for you. Made in the USA. No side effects. 100% money back guarantee. 


Vegetable Fat, Whey Protein, Flax Seed, Creapure

Crude Protein (Min) 28%, Crude Fat (Min) 50%, Crude Fiber (Max) 2%, Moisture Max 5%, Creapure 200mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acid 176 mg, Omega 6 Fatty Acid 56 mg

Amino Acid Profile: Alanine 82 mg, Arginine 45 mg, Asparitc Acid 172mg, Cysteine 39 mg, Glutaminc Acid 274 mg, Glycine 30mg, Histadine 29mg, Isoleucine 97 mg, Leucine 166 mg, Lysine 163 mg, Methionine 36 mg, Phenylalanine 52 mg, Proline 97 mg, Serine 84 mg, Threonine 110 mg, Tryptophan 28 mg, Tyrosine 50mg, Valine 86 mg

Feeding Directions

Feeding Directions: Canines under 50 lbs: ½ scoop per 25 lbs daily.
Canines 50 lbs & over: 1 scoop per 50 lbs, daily. (For Bigger Gains Increase Serving Size by 2X) Mix with dog food.

1 Serving = 1 Scoop (7g) Calories: 40 Guaranteed Analysis Per Serving (7g)

Sprinkle and mix over dry or wet dog food.

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