*We do not recommend putting weights in the vest until your dog’s growth plates are fully developed. Follow weight recommended charts for training and wearing purposes.

*We recommend doing some research on your breed specific dog on when the average age the growth plates are fully developed. We suggest getting an X-Ray from your veterinarian as well if you are not sure.

(HVT)High Velocity Training Weight Recommendations​: Maximum Weight Should Not Exceed 6% Of Your Dog’s (BM) Body Mass.


HVT Includes:Any training that incorporates sprinting, jumping or quick change of direction while your dog would be running at a fast pace.


(LIM) Low Impact Movement Recommendations:​ Maximum Weight Should Not Exceed 10% Of Your Dog’s (BM) Body Mass. 


LIM Includes:​ Walking, wearing the vest inside the house, leashed obedience training, isolated treadmill jogging or any activities that do not include sprinting / running at a fast pace.


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