How the XDOG Vest can help calm dog anxiety.

The XDOG Vest “A Natural Way To Calm Your Dog”

How? Through the XDOG Anxiety Equation!


Compression + Weight + Exercise + POA(Positive Object Association) + Warming & Cooling = Calm State Of Mind

Vet recommended anxiety shirts for dogs have helped millions of dogs calm in 80% of stressful situations which include fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety and unfamiliar environments. The XDOG Vest applies comfortable, gentle pressure to help calm dogs down during many types of anxiety, over excitement, stressful and fearful situations. 


If your dog is shivering you may want to provide warm compression to simulate the warmth of a body. If your dog is excessively panting you may want to apply cold compression to help bring down body temperature. 


Just like a weighted blanket the XDOG Vest offers the same benefits when it comes to helping dogs calm by applying gentle, weighted pressure that can be increased or decreased depending on the situation. Unlike a dog anxiety shirt that only applies compression, the XDOG Vest combines both effective methods to help dogs reach a mental state of calmness. 

The versatility of increasing and decreasing weight can be beneficial to addressing specific types of anxiety issues. Dogs that have pent up energy who showcase behavioral issues may require more weight while dogs dealing with uncertainty stress may require less.


Most dog behavioral issues can be linked to not getting enough daily exercise which can help release pent up energy. This can cause stress, mental health and behavioral issues. Some of these issues are nervousness, hyperness, destructiveness, excessive barking, reactive aggression during walks, digging and depression. It has been said by Dog Psychologists that a purebred dog is a dog with a degree, and a mixed breed is a dog with multiple degrees. When a dog is not working it is unemployed and must create its own way to release pent up stressful energy which can include the behavioral issues mentioned above.

POA (Positive Object Association)

POA (Positive Object Association): Positive object association is created when a dog associates an experience or an object to a positive experience. These experiences can include leash with walks, bowl with feeding time, treat bag to tasty treats or keys to an enjoyable car ride. As your dog wears the XDOG Vest it will begin associating it with going somewhere fun, playtime, exercise or quality time with its favorite human. These experiences can release feel good chemicals such as endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine which makes dogs happy. 

*We recommend getting an evaluation from a Certified Dog Trainer in your area or online who is experienced in dog behavior and dog psychology to validate your dog is experiencing anxiety. 

The XDOG Vest can help by providing dogs with a job. As soon as your dog is wearing the XDOG Vest it is now exercising and earning every movement through resistance training. Exercise helps release endorphins which trigger positive feelings in the body. This helps develop positive object association with the XDOG Vest which can play a pivotal role to having a calmer more confident dog.


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