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Performance Bundle

Original price $129.99
Current price $49.99

$129 Value for $49.99!

Holiday Performance Bundle includes 4 items:

  • 1  True Beast Meal Enhancer (Chicken) (10oz);

a great way to add calories and to get picky eaters interested in their food! It also includes prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut. (Regular Price $29.99)

  • 1  True Beast Beef Liver Treat (Beef) (5 oz);

makes for an excellent training treat or reward made from limited ingredients with all the nutritional value that freeze-dried pasture raised beef liver offers. (Regular Price $14.99)

  • 1 True Beast Muscle Performance Vitality (Chicken);

is designed to provide ingredients to support muscle development, definition and functions in all breeds of dogs. (Regular Price $39.99)

  • 1 True Beast Protein Booster (Chicken);

an ultra premium protein formula that supports building lean muscle and maintains the overall health of your dog. (Regular Price $44.99)