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XDOG™ True Beast Dog Food, Chicken, Ocean Fish & Ancient Grains, All Life Stages (20 lbs) (Wholesale)

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Will be restocked on Wednesday April 21st!
  • • Meat is the first ingredient, not meal.
    • Does not contain legumes, corn, soy, potatoes, or wheat.
    • Includes fortified vitamins, minerals & trace nutrients.
    • High calorie and nutrient dense (feed less, gain more).
    • Made in the USA using a gentle heating process. 

    Ultra Premium Natural Dry Food for Dogs Fortified With Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Nutrients. Made in USA. Crafted small batch recipe. Formulated for all life stages. More condensed kibbles help to prevent bloating Less starch, carbohydrates, and sugar (which decreases insulin spikes).