Kre9 Kre-Alkalyn Pre and Post Workout Formula


Kre-Alkalyn for Dogs. Pre workout and post-workout. Proven in a clinical study to deliver 28% more strength than unbuffered creatine monohydrate. No loading, no bloating, no cycling, no side effects. 400 servings. Natural flavors.


Serving size: 1/4 scoop, Sprinkle over food (750 mg) Ingredients per .750 serving
Serving per container: 200
Powder form,

Kre-Alkalyn (750 mg) Buffered Creatine - US Patent #6,399,661)

Feeding Directions

1/4 scoop per 25 lb dog.

As a dietary supplement, take recommended serving size 30 min pre-workout. Serving size can be split pre and post workout.

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