XDOG Weight & Fitness Vest (REFURBISHED)


LIKE NEW *** XDOG Weight Vest (Refurbished)
- Quality checked, cleaned and inspected
- Returned vest, possibly worn but in LIKE NEW condition.

XDOG weight vest is a patent-pending weight vest for dogs that uses sand-filled weights evenly dispersed across the body and designed to help build muscle, improve speed, performance, stamina, reduce obesity, improve mental focus, reduce anxiety and improve cardiovascular health in your dog. Includes weight bags. Sand not included. Sand can be purchased at any local store near you.



Size Chart



Are weights included?

Each vest order includes free empty weight bags. Bags can be filled with sand or metal bb's which you can purchase at any local pet store.

What size is for my dog?

Please click on the size chart tab. If you are unsure which size would fit contact us first before ordering.

Do you offer exchanges?

Yes we offer free exchanges if sizing is wrong. However it's best to get your order correct the first time so if you are unsure on which size would fit your dog contact us first.


We ship worldwide.

Import Tax Duty Fee Notice for Buyers Outside the USA - Please Read: If you are purchasing this item outside the USA you may be subject to an additional import tax fee based on your country's tax laws for importing goods. This additional tax fee could be collected upon delivery to you. This fee is not controlled or set by us but by your country. By purchasing this item you have agreed to have read these terms.

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