The Fastest Dogs In The Country

The Fastest Dogs In The Country

By Victoria Valledor

And how XDOG and MVP K9 Supplements made them faster.

Have you ever seen your dog chase after a ball or squirrel and wonder how fast their top speed would clock?  Well now you can actually find out.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) has designed a sport called FAST CAT that will tell you just that.  FAST CAT, which stands for Coursing Ability Test, is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs chase a lure and have their fastest speed recorded.  The AKC ranks all these dogs by breed providing a list of the fastest dogs for each breed.  It is an extremely fun sport that tests your dog’s natural prey instinct. (1)

Dogs can reach speeds on average of 15 - 20 MPH running short distances (2).  However, a dog’s speed is determined by their breed, genetics, physical condition and health (2).  As owners, we have control over improving our dog’s physical condition and health to help make them faster.  Our team did an interview with Cindy Ann McManus who competes in FAST CAT with her two Rottweilers. 

Cindy has two Rottweilers, her male Romulus King Von Romulus, and her female Queen Reina Von Romulus.  Both are old German Line Rottweilers with imported parents, and they actually both share the same father.  Romulus is 4 years old and weighs 90 lbs. and is in training for Personal Protection. Reina is 3 years old and weighs 87 lbs. and is currently working as a Therapy Dog.  Cindy also participates in multiple sport venues with her dogs including AKC Obedience, AKC Rally, Lure Coursing, Dock Diving, Agility, Barn Hunt and obviously FAST CAT.  She actually started competing in FAST CAT because she was at a trial for another sport and saw it and thought she would try it. 

As I was speaking to Cindy, we were discussing how she has had Rottweilers her entire life but has never had any as fit and with the impressive muscle definition that her two have.  She largely attributes this to using the XDOG Vest along with MVP K9 Supplements.  Before implementing the vest and supplements in her daily routine, Romulus was clocking in at 25 MPH for FAST CAT and Reina was at 24 MPH.  This is the average top speed that the breed runs. 

Their success is largely attributed to the diet and fitness regime Cindy has them on.  The dogs go swimming daily, hiking 4-5 times a week during the cooler months and Reina does agility training twice a week, while Romulus does protection training twice a week.  Cindy is also a dog trainer so her dogs practice their obedience daily as well.  Along with the great daily exercise routine they are on, Romulus and Reina also eat a full raw diet.  They are given balanced meals based on the Prey Model Raw Diet (PMR), which consists of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% secreting organ.

While Romulus and Reina were in excellent physical condition due to their fitness regime and raw diet, Cindy still wanted them to level up.  That is when she began implementing the XDOG Vest and MVP K9 Supplements in her training system.  Cindy started hiking the dogs with the vests on and after proper introduction the dogs now wear 10% of their body weight.  She also started using Flex K9 Hip & Joint Formula, Ignite K9 Aminolyte Blast, KRE9 Kre-Alkalyn Pre and Post Workout Formula, Best in Show Vitamins and Muscle Builder and Performance.  Cindy immediately saw a difference in their performance as Romulus’ speed increased by 2.9 MPH reaching a top speed of 27.9 MPH, and Reina’s speed increased by 2.8 MPH reaching a top speed of 26.8 MPH.  Romulus was actually ranked the #1 fastest Rottweiler and Reina the #2.  [Note: at the time this article was written Romulus was bumped down to #2 and Reina to #3 but Cindy plans to continue trialing them once the weather cools down to reclaim their spots (3).]  Everything else remained consistent in their routine; the only difference was the implementation of the XDOG Vest and the MVP K9 Supplements. 

Cindy also noted that after using the vest and supplements, their stamina increased. They were able to hike for longer periods of time, they were noticeably in better shape, and their muscle tone was just “ridiculous”.  She stated that her veterinarian was even in awe saying that they had never seen a more muscular dog.  She describes them best as looking “ripped”.  However for safety concerns and to prevent heat stroke, Cindy will not use the vest or compete her dogs in lure coursing during the hot summer months.  They live in Georgia where the heat index can become dangerous to dogs if they over-exert themselves.  We always urge owners to be extremely careful when exercising their dogs in this extreme heat. 

I asked Cindy if she would recommend the XDOG Vest and MVP K9 Supplements and here is what she said, “Yes, I do all the time, my dogs are not naturally like this.  I recommend it every chance I get.  I am extremely thankful for these products, every time.  I’ve had Rottweilers my entire adult life and I have never had ones this fit.  It is the whole culture that I really appreciate.” 

This has been a true testimonial from a real working dog owner who uses our products.  To back up Cindy’s testimonial about how our products helped increase her dog’s speed, stamina and physical condition and health, we conducted a small survey on our Team XDOG Facebook group.

We had users of the XDOG vest and MVP K9 supplements tell us their before and after speeds from FAST CAT.  All showed an increase in speed and all recommended the products.  The average speed before implementation of our products was 24 MPH.  After using our products in their training regimes, owners of these dogs reported an average 3 MPH increase in speed with an average top speed of 27 MPH.  The fastest dog we had in our survey was a Belgian Malinois that ran at a top speed of 31.99 MPH.  The greatest increase in speed that we saw was from a Mini Australian Shepherd who ran 15.64 MPH and after using the XDOG Vest, parachutes, drag bag, and all the MVP K9 Supplements ran 22.55 MPH.  That is an amazing increase of 6.91 MPH!

The testimonials from our customers show the positive impact that implementing these products in your daily routine can have on your dog’s performance.  These dogs competing in FAST CAT have noticeable faster speeds and most importantly, healthier and fitter lives after using XDOG, MVP K9, Earth Vet, and Muscle Bully products.



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