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XDOG Weight & Fitness Vest V4 Max - Health Enhancement Dog Harness

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PRE ORDER SALE! (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE): The XDOG V4 MAX is a revolutionary fitness tool designed to take your dog's health to new heights with patented cutting-edge resistance technology. The XDOG V4 MAX combines weight resistance with resistance bands which offers your dog the health benefits of exercise and fitness training with every movement. The XDOG V4 MAX state-of-the-art innovation also features cooling and warming gel packs that deliver additional benefits to empower your family companion.

Available Sizes And Colors:

Black - XS, S, M, L, XL
Hot Pink - S, M

XDOG V4 MAX Sizes Small, Medium & Large New Pre-Order Inventory is due to Arrive August 2024. Get 30% OFF using discount code: JULY30

BlackHot Pink
X-SmallSmall - (Pre-Order Only)Medium (Pre-Order Only)Large (Pre-Order Only)X-LargeSmallMediumLarge
Side & Shoulder Weights
The XDOG V4 MAX offers isolated weight locations that gradually fill to condition your dog properly and safely.
Fitness Resistance Bands
The XDOG V4 MAX provides 2 shoulder resistance bands to help develop muscles and optimize performance.
Cooling & Warming Gel Packs
The XDOG V4 MAX includes medical grade weighted gel packs to maximize recovery and offer anxiety compression benefits.
Safety Reflector Strip
The XDOG V4 MAX showcases a safety reflector strip which makes it great for night time walks.
Heavy Duty Cobra Clips
The XDOG V4 MAX clips are made with heavy duty and highly durable metal.
Neoprene Straps
The XDOG V4 MAX provides neoprene straps to help prevent irritation on short hair or skin sensitive dogs.
Hook & Loop Lock System
The XDOG V4 MAX hook and loop lock systems allows you to adjust fitness band resistance levels.
3 Resistance Accessory V-Rings
The XDOG V4 MAX provides 3 V-Rings that can be used with the Performance Parachute, Drag Bag and Resistance Band.

Frequently asked questions

What Size Do I Need?

20 - 35 lbs 
Athletic or Lean Body Up-To 37 lbs

36 - 65 lbs 
Athletic or Lean Body Up-To 72 lbs

66 - 95 lbs 
Athletic or Lean Body Up-To 99 lbs

100 - 135 lbs 
Athletic or Lean Body Up-To 139 lbs

140 - 190 lbs 
Athletic or Lean Body Up-To 200 lbs

When Does It Ship?

Mid-May 2024.
Size Exchange Policy
You have 7 days from when the vest arrives to exchange for a different size.

Warranty Policy

We offer a 30-day manufacturing warranty on any defectives or stitching. 

V-Ring Usage Policy

V-Rings are only under warranty if damaged used by XDOG resistance accessories. Center V-Ring is only to be used with the performance parachute. Do not use the center V-Ring with a leash if you have a heavy pulling dog.

Agitation Training?

The XDOG Vest is not under warranty or recommended to be used for agitation work.


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