Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission here at XDOG is to equip dog owners with the tools to help them extend the life of their dog through fitness, nutrition and education. Our end goal is to eliminate dog obesity globally, while inspiring dog owners to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle as well. In order to accomplish this mission, Stan and Steven knew that they had to create a tool that would make exercising a dog easy, convenient and effective. So that’s exactly what they created. They believe that the XDOG Vest is the world’s greatest fitness and health enhancement harness for dogs.

In 2015 Stan and Steven created the first design of the XDOG Vest and received their first prototype in 2016. They wanted to ensure that the product was effective, so for an entire year they tested the XDOG Vest with Professional Dog Trainers, Handlers and Competitors to receive honest feedback during the product’s development. Utilizing great dog minds with decades of combined experience in dog training, dog sports and working dogs at the highest levels gave them confidence to move forward with creating the XDOG Vest.

On August 8, 2017 the first XDOG Vest was sold. This day is now known as XDOG DAY. Since that day, the XDOG Vest has positively impacted thousands of dogs and continues to impact more everyday. Since the launch, XDOG has purchased over 40,000 vests and has sold approximately 33,000 domestically and globally.

On March 18, 2020 Stan and Steven received a design patent D866,876 and currently have a utility patent pending along with multiple patents pending. The evolution of the XDOG Vest is inspired by the culture that Team XDOG ,as a community, has created when it comes to having the lifestyle of owning a HEALTHY HAPPY DOG. Our mission is to grow Team XDOG and make the XDOG Vest as common as a leash and collar in every dog home.


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