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Black Friday Sale 20-70% OFF Entire Site!
Black Friday Sale 20-70% OFF Entire Site!

Milk & Honey Designer Fitness Vest (Version 2)

Original price $99.99
Current price $59.99

*Does Include Empty Weight Bags, Does NOT include physical weights*

Improve the overall health and wellness of your dog with the XDOG Designer Weight and Fitness Vest!

This is the first XDOG vest to feature the new warming and cooling packs, removable velcro patches, and a matching collapsible bowl to help keep your dog hydrated.

The weight bags can be filled with BBs or with sand (Not to exceed 10% of your dog's body weight).

This high quality weighted vest is designed to improve muscle, stamina and endurance simply by wearing it.

Great for: improving muscle strength, high energy dogs, conditioning, endurance, toning, improving speed, to combat obesity, and to reduce anxiety.

This vest CAN be used in combination with our Parachute (sold seperately) and our Resistance Band (sold seperately) accessories.

Please Note: All of our Version 2.0 and 2.5 Vests only have 1 D Ring so the Drag Bag Accessory (sold seperately) CANNOT be attached to this version of our vests. Our Version 2 Vests include; Milk & Honey (White & Gold), Orange, and Yellow, and our Version 2.5 is the solid Black one. If you are wanting to utilize the Drag Bag accessory (sold seperately) it  can be used with any of our Version 1 Weight & Fitness Vests on the rear 2 D rings. Our Version 1 Vests include; the Original (Black with Yellow), Red, Blue, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Teal, & Purple.